Welcome to the MUrCS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master!

Updated March 13, 2018

 Application 2018 closed!   Final announcement expected early April 

Status: As many as 652 persons registered as applicants, whereof 262 completed their full applications for PreQualification scrutiny, which found 144 fulfilling all three eligibility criteria. At this point, all candidates were informed about their performance, and they could read the reviewers’ comments in their application portals. The 41 top-ranked candidates (with at least 12 out of total 15 scores) were selected and invited to a complementary interview (up to 5 additional scores) and submission of full documentation. Finally, about 15–20 applicants will be offered an EMJMD scholarship. A few of these pre-qualified candidates also indicated a possibility to participate on own or other financing, and if not ranked for one of the scholarhips they will be offered a place in the course. 

This 2 year Master in Urban Climate and Sustainability (MUrCS);

  • gives you a critical understanding of the complexity of urban sustainability and the need for local action to combat global climate change.
  • offers several professional pathways in leading sustainable urban climate change adaptation/mitigation
  • enables you to operate in senior positions – in both the public and the private sectors – to lead sustainable and climate oriented planning.
  • is open for both existing urban professionals as well as those with multidisciplinary environmental backgrounds.

The curriculum is designed to inter-link three thematic areas:

The programme language is English.