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Selection process and criteria

Last updated on March 15th, 2022

The selection process includes two main steps:

1 – Pre-qualification

Eligibility check

Candidates who do not meet all eligibility criteria will be rejected and given notice about the reasons.

Evaluation of qualifications

For the remaining eligible candidates, the quality and relevance in relation to the MUrCS programme and its three thematic streams will be evaluated in three sections:

Score range
 Education 0–5
 Work Experience 0–5
 Motivation 0–5

Thus, maximum score in the pre-qualification step is 15.

2 – Final qualification

At this second stage, an adequate number of top-ranked candidates will be requested to submit certified copies of their supporting documents. Pre-qualification scores and eligibility may be adjusted if certificates are not in line with the submitted data.

The final candidates will also be interviewed (~20 minutes on-line) by two persons from the Selection Committee. A number of issues, some general and some related to the actual application, will be discussed. The interviewers will agree on an addition to the score given in the pre-qualification:

Score range
 Interview 0–5

NOTE: Candidates who are found not to meet the required level of language proficiency during the interview will be considered ineligible.


Ranked by the total score of both steps (up to 20), a number of selected and reserves will be appointed. The limit of maximum three candidates per country will be strictly enforced. In case of candidates with the same final score, their relative ranking will be decided by, in order;

  1. Interview
  2. Education
  3. Motivation
  4. Work experience

If still even, the Selection Committee’s will decide an additional relative ranking if necessary.

The selected/reserves list will have to be submitted to the Erasmus+ secretariat for control and final approval before the selection becomes definite.


In each selection step, candidates will get possibility to appeal within one week from the notification. Further information and forms will be available in the online application system at the time of announcement of the review results.