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Last updated on May 4th, 2023

MUrCS 2023

MUrCS 2022

The number of applications increased by about 60% compared to previous year, and has tripled since 2019!

MUrCS 2021

MUrcs 2020

The third application batch showed more than 50% increased interest in MUrCS. The portion of ineligible candidates decreased, which shows that the criteria were more clearly understood. The final stage included more candidates than the year before, and 10% of the applicants were selected.

MUrCS 2020 induction via Zoom and Corona-delayed, January 2021.
Group work presentations.

MUrCS 2019

The second application batch did not include any EoI, since the webpage now was fully developed before the announcement. The eligibility criteria were clearer described, and the form also included a ‘needle’s eye’ test to proceed. This resulted in 253 registered applications, whereof 146 were completed and submitted. Out of these, 119 were eligible for the pre-qualification, where 42 top-ranked candidateswere invited to interview and submission of their full documentation. Out of these, 18 were selected.

MUrCS participants and staff at induction in Glasgow, September 2019.

MUrCS 2018

Initially, there were over 1,000 Expressions of Interest to the programme, and 653 persons registered in the application system! Of the 262 full applications submitted, only 144 fulfilled all eligibility criteria (BSc degree + work experience + English proficiency). The 41 top-ranked candidates were invited to a complementary interview and submission of full documentation. Finally, 15 applicants were selected. A few of the pre-qualified candidates may participate on own or other financing.

Thus, one out of ten eligible applicants were accepted to the programme and offered full financing through an EMJMD scholarship!

First ever MUrCS participants at induction in Glasgow, September 2018.