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Student Reports

Last updated on January 23rd, 2023

2021 Cohort

The aim of MUrCS is to integrate thematic knowledge and learning to address crucial technical, social, economic, ecological and institutional factors that contribute to sustainable, urban climate sensitive development and regeneration; thus, create change-oriented ‘new professionals‘.  

Cohort 4 students demonstrated this via a Group project – masterplan for a specific area within the Huleva City suburban region of Aljaraque-Corrales that has a mix of urban/rural and industrial history, proximity to marine environment and key environmental and societal challenges.

Lay summaries of five student Groups are here.

2020 Cohort

Development project work

MUrCS intake 3 students were introduced to the suburban area of Mukkula, Finland, in autumn 2021 and worked in a development project to identify the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats of the area. They were also asked to constitute planning ideas for future development based on the Maptionnaire questionnaire with local residents and the interviews with local entrepreneurs.

Course lead, Dr Eeva Aarrevaara’s report is here (pp. 85-100)

Ecofeminist GIS

MUrCS Intake 3 students Jonathan Lieber (Team Lead), Newsha Modjrian, Samson Ogunfuyi, Saloni Pudel and Nerxhana Tallushi participated in the Geneva Challenge 2021 under the theme of ‘Crisis Management.’ Their report  – Ecofeminist GIS, aims to develop a geospatial tool to monitor and manage environmental changes and threats to women in the Lake Chad Basin.

2019 Cohort

October 2021: Climate Proofing Glasgow, a report for Glasgow City Council.

December 2020: Huelva for European Green Capital.

MUrCS student Marina Khan summarizes her experience of the master program.

Students’ presentation of their projects for the Regional Council in Finland.

May 2020: Towards a Safer Lahti: Improvement of Safety and Security in Lahti City Centre

2018 Cohort

2021: MUrCS Proceedings 2020, a “summary for practitioners” publication arising from the students’ thesis work.