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Student Reports

Last updated on August 21st, 2021

2020 Cohort

Ecofeminist GIS

MUrCS Intake 3 students Jonathan Lieber (Team Lead), Newsha Modjrian, Samson Ogunfuyi, Saloni Pudel and Nerxhana Tallushi participated in the Geneva Challenge 2021 under the theme of ‘Crisis Management.’ Their report  – Ecofeminist GIS, aims to develop a geospatial tool to monitor and manage environmental changes and threats to women in the Lake Chad Basin.

2019 Cohort

December 2020: Huelva for European Green Capital

Students’ presentation of their projects for the Regional Council in Finland.

May 2020: Towards a Safer Lahti: Improvement of Safety and Security in Lahti City Centre

2018 Cohort

2021: MUrCS Proceedings 2020, a “summary for practitioners” publication arising from the students’ thesis work.