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Special Events

Last updated on February 23rd, 2021

Students at COP25 in Madrid

Three MUrCS students; Kiran Apsunde, Megi Zala and Oliver Carlo, attended the COP25 summit in Madrid in 2019. Report; klick here!

Megi Zala, Oliver Carlo and Kiran Apsunde at COP25

Students meeting Associate Partners, December 2019

Teachers and MUrCS students at UHU met with Associate Partners; Huelva County Council and Huelva Association of Architects. Several matters involving Huelva city, sustainability policies, challenges in urban planning, etc, were discussed.

Esther Garcia-Vidal, Huelva County Council; Prof Juan Luis Aguado Casas, UHU; Arch Cayetano Campero, Huelva Association of Architects; Rocio Iriarte, UHU; students Carol Torres, Megi Zala and Oliver Carlo.

Student Award, November 2019

MUrCS students Marina Khan and Carlos Soto from the 2018 cohort received an award from Ramboll Ltd for their excellent work during their summer internships. They supported the following projects:

Marina Khan with Niina Ahlfors and Eveliina Könttä from Ramboll. Carlos Soto, Kaisa Mustajärvi from Ramboll and prof Rohinton Emmanuel from GCU joined by Skype. Photo: Prof Eeva Aarrevaara, LAMK

Marina: Expansion of the scope of variables towards a tool to measure liveability in cities.

Carlos: Benchmarking of Green Bonds Systems as an instrument to finance green projects such as biodiversity monitoring and rehabilitation of quarries.