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Last updated on February 13th, 2023

MUrCS Student Welcome Pack

MUrCS Students’ Instagram Page


Student Bios 2022 🔗

MUrCS 2022 student map (click to enlarge)


Student Bios 2021 🔗

MUrCS 2020 student map (click to enlarge)


Student Bios 2020 🔗

MUrCS 2020 student map (click to enlarge)
The new ‘Covid-normal’ welcome to MUrCS students in Huelva (UHU).


Student Bios 2019 🔗

MUrCS 2019 students and staff at induction in Glasgow (click to enlarge)
MUrCS 2019 student map (click to enlarge)


Student Bios 2018 🔗

MUrCS 2018 students at induction in Glasgow, September 2018 (click to enlarge)
MUrCS 2018 map (design by Carlos) (click to enlarge)
MUrCS 2018 international student group (design by Carlos) (click to enlarge)

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