Last updated on June 17th, 2018

If, in your opinion, the review team has made any serious mistakes in the;

  1. … judgement of your eligibility;
  2. … interpretation of your education or work experience;
  3. … formal handling of your application;

… you may appeal to the Consortium Management Board.

Your appeal must be written on a specific form and shall specify where and how the review result is inappropriate. A motivation, and a proposal on how this could be rectified, must be submitted. Note that no supporting documents other than those already submitted may be referred to.

Your appeal form must be sent by e-mail to MUrCS Consortium Management Board, within one week from the announcement of the decision.

The Consortium Manager will review your application in respect to your appeal. The following procedure will apply:

  1. In case of simple mistakes, the Manager will handle the appeal in your favour.
  2. Issues of doubtful scoring will be assigned to a second reviewer. If the two reviewers agree, the decision remains confirmed.
  3. In case of any discrepancy between the two reviews, the appeal will be referred to the Consortium Management Board for a final decision.

The reply to your appeal will normally be announced within two weeks.