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Successfully finished internship

MUrCS students Ankur Negi, Samin Poudel and Paola Zhamo successfully finished their internship on August 31st 2023, with a final presentation for representatives from different directories of the Päijät-Häme Regional Council, see their official web Newsletter: https://paijat-hame.fi/korkeakouluharjoittelijat-selvittivat-monipaikkaisuuteen-soveltuvia-alueita-paijat-hameessa/

MUrCS group arrived in Huelva 2023

Site visit at the old Corrales town, an area where the group will be developing a master-plan as part of the MUrCS program.

Warming City exhibition

MUrCS Student thesis work is currently on exhibition! “The Warming City – Visual Narratives of Urban Heat Stresses in Germany” (https://www.gcu.ac.uk/aboutgcu/universitynews/capturing-urban-heat-struggles-through-the-lens). The Warming City depicts how German urban residents confront and cope with heat stress, especially in cities.

Finnish Erasmus Mundus coordinator meeting

Dr Eeva Aarrevaara and coordinator Alexandra Maksheeva from LAB visited the event at the Finnish Agency of Education in February 2023. See link below!


High praise from EACEA for MUrCS programme

From GCU internal newsletter Caledonian Connected.

Students Collaborating with Finnish Working Life

An article by Eeva Aarrevaara and Alexandra Maksheeva from the MUrCS programme in LAB Circular Economy Annual Review 2022 (last article, p 110).

MUrCS Promotion in Asia

Asia-Plus article Nov 30, 2022 promoting the MUrCS Programme:

How to enroll Master’s degree program in urban environment

English: https://asiaplustj.info/en/news/tajikistan/society/20221130/how-to-enroll-masters-degree-program-in-urban-environment

Russian: https://asiaplustj.info/ru/news/tajikistan/society/20221130/kak-postupit-na-magistratura-v-oblasti-planirovaniya-ustoichivih-gorodov

Urban Interactive Planning 2022

The final Course Work reports in Urban and Interactive planning 2022: Niemelänranta area in Heinola.

Graduation 2022

MUrCS had its first-ever in-person graduation ceremony on 23 November 2022 at GCU in Glasgow! 21 people graduated with flying colours and congratulations to all!

WCD presentation: UHI mitigation for Dhaka

Last updated on November 30th, 2022

MUrCS Graduate and current researcher at the GCU’s Research Centre for Built Environment Asset Management (BEAM) Mushfik Jalal (MUrCS, 2022) recently presented urban heat island mitigation approaches for Dhaka, Bangladesh at the World Cities Day on 31 October 2022. The work, based on Mushfik’s MUrCS thesis highlighted to planners in Bangladesh the need for detailed density and height zoning within the city and green and blue infrastructure approaches to mitigate the rising heat island problem in Dhaka.

GCU researcher Mushfik Jalal (MUrCS, 2022) presented urban heat island mitigation approaches for Dhaka, Bangladesh at the World Cities Day on 31 October 2022.