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SHAPE Projects

Newsha Modjrian and Nerxhana Tallushi of the class of MUrCS 2020,  together with three other Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) students, participated in  the SHAPE Sustainability Impact Projects, organized by The British Academy (BA) and Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK).  This brought together students from different disciplines across social sciences, humanities, and the arts, to develop solutions to real-life sustainability challenges experienced by their university or local community. Newsha and Nerxhana’s project “How can the University work with marginalised young people in areas of multiple deprivation in Glasgow to the benefit of both GCU and the Community(ies) in question?” is also in line with the Common Good mission of GCU. Competing with 11 other projects presented by teams from England, Wales and Scotland, the MUrCS team was one of three awarded £5000 from British Academy to support staff and students to collaborate on progressing their ideas and bringing their solutions to life in the 2022-23 academic year.  

For more information on this programme: 

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EMJMD event in Albania

Student-to-be Paola Zhamo participated in a national event for selected EMJMD students.

Urban Ecology: Dresden & Lahti

MUrCS experience Finland 2022

UHU spring boat trip

Excursion 19 February 2022

UHU Field Trip 2022

Photos from a student field trip (Urban Soils Remediation module) to “Sotiel Coronada” in Huelva, January 2022.

Huelva Architectural Tour 2022

MUrCS student newcomers to UHU, on city tour January 12, 2022.

Induction 2022 at UHU

Last updated on January 12th, 2022

MUrCS 2020 batch students posing on UHU campus during pandemic time.
Welcome talk at one of the university patios.

Proceedings 2021

Click this link to read the complete MUrCS Proceedings 2021!

MUrCS Journey

Students visited several sites with showcasing nature-based solutions on 25 November 2021.

Students’ comment: Despite the cold weather, we all felt the warmth of being altogether finally. Thank you for teaching and sharing with us your knowledge of how we can help communities be sustainable and feel safe.