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On International Forest Day and World Water Day, two MUrCS students Sawn Yee Tun Lwin and Ankur Negi had the opportunity to participate in the NBS EduWORLD Hackathon: Unleashing Nature-Based Solutions for climate and biodiversity. The 2-day virtual hackathon held on 21st and 22nd March, 2024 was organized in a gamified, interactive online workspace by NBS EduWORLD, ICLEI Europe, and Natural Solutions. The team comprising Swan, Ankur and a third participant won the hackathon for their case study! They will now be travelling to Brussels to showcase their work later this year at the NetworkNature Annual Event to be held on 25th of September, 2024.

Their challenge was to develop an NBS solution for a real-world environmental case study set in the City of Belgrade, Serbia. They decided to tackle the issue of preserving the naturally valuable wetland areas and its vibrant biodiversity from urbanization and land-use conversion and/or illegal usurpation. The proposed approach was a gentle one – like urban acupuncture, the team identified strategically targeted spatial planning interventions and policies to enhance nature-based social and economic value while protecting the natural area as a whole.

It was a terrific experience with informative sessions and fun interactions with experts from all over Europe.

Article on urban heat risk

Maiha Hameed (MUrCS 2023, Intake 4) recently published an article on urban heat risk in Male, the capital city of Maldives.  Maiha currently works with environmental policy and planning at the Ministry and takes an interest in issues linking the built environment to air quality, human health and climate change.

Students’ YouTube Channel

First video, briefly introducing MUrCS programme. Compiled by MUrCS 2022 students.

More videos are planned. Please check for student videos here!

Employer Workshop

Last updated on April 11th, 2024

On December 18 we conducted a workshop with three potential employers, and with input from three recent graduates on their experience of post-MUrCS work.

Workshop video (1h 34m)

Xmas farewell at Huelva 2023

Last updated on April 11th, 2024

PLUCS presentations’ day and Xmas farewell for cohort 5 at Huelva, December 11th 2023.

Visit to Colegio de Arquitectos, Huelva City

MUrCS students undertaking the ‘Problem-Based Learning in Urban Climate and Sustainability’ (PLUCS) module visited the local College of Architects in Huelva, Spain to understand the groupwork task more in-depth.

MUrCS Intake 6

Last updated on April 11th, 2024

MUrCS Intake 6 students commenced their studies in Glasgow on 18 September 2023.  As part of the Induction Programme, students visited several regeneration areas and active travel sites.

MUrCS Intake 4 Thesis Show

Last updated on April 11th, 2024

MUrCS Intake 4 celebrated the end of their study programme with a Thesis Show on 19 September 2023.  The Thesis Show highlighted student thesis research achievements in the form of posters of student work. MUrCS staff, Industry partners, current and past students attended the event.

Successfully finished internship

MUrCS students Ankur Negi, Samin Poudel and Paola Zhamo successfully finished their internship on August 31st 2023, with a final presentation for representatives from different directories of the Päijät-Häme Regional Council, see their official web Newsletter: https://paijat-hame.fi/korkeakouluharjoittelijat-selvittivat-monipaikkaisuuteen-soveltuvia-alueita-paijat-hameessa/

MUrCS group arrived in Huelva 2023

Site visit at the old Corrales town, an area where the group will be developing a master-plan as part of the MUrCS program.